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Our remarkable tree-planting initiatives in Kenya are focused on empowering disadvantaged farmers via agroforestry. Banking on this innovative agricultural approach, we aspire to improve land quality, boost income, and eventually elevate these agriculturists from the clutches of poverty.

Agroforestry: The Golden Key

Agroforestry intelligently integrates agriculture and forestry practices to supply farmers with diverse resources. By implementing these techniques, farmers can access firewood, livestock feed, timber, and poles, improving their income prospects. Aside from this, agroforestry amplifies farm productivity for both essential and cash crops, benefiting the farmer’s economic conditions.

Moreover, this agricultural practice extends benefits to the environment. Providing shelter and shade to grazing livestock and generating wildlife-friendly environments, agroforestry contributes greatly to biodiversity enhancement.

Projects and Initiatives

Our major projects are centered in Central and Western Kenya, housing various demonstration farms that serve as education centers for local communities on sustainable agriculture tied up with agroforestry. Prioritizing inclusivity, we ensure active collaboration with numerous women’s groups and local trade schools.

Since the onset of our agroforestry endeavors in 2008, we’ve successfully distributed a whopping 300,000 seeds. Acknowledging the increasing demand for our services, we further strengthened our team in 2009 by appointing a country coordinator to oversee the distribution of seeds and management of agroforestry workshops.

Progress and Impact

2011 marked a significant year for our tree-planting initiative as our partner dispersed 4.5 million seeds and planted 3 million seedlings. Achieving this feat wouldn’t have been possible without the help of 200 local organizations and schools. Our steadfast aim remains to reduce the costs of fodder leaves, timber, building materials, and green manure to bolster agricultural production.

Through our initiatives, we strive for a future where disadvantaged farmers receive the tools they need to flourish economically and environmentally.

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Jeshua Cardenas

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  1. Hello!
    I’m running a project of organic farming in Malaba (western Kenya) and we’d like to start with an agroforestry program from next week. We have some seeds (moringa, neem tree, and some indigenous trees), but we are looking for some more seeds.
    Could you get in touch with me? We’d really like to get in touch with you guys to know more about your program!
    Best regards,

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