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Our tree planting partners teach agroforestry to poor farmers to change their lives by improving their land, increasing their income, and lifting them out of poverty. Agroforestry techniques provide farmers with: firewood, livestock feed, timber, and poles. It improves productivity of their farms for both subsistence and cash crops. Agroforestry creates benefits to grazing livestock by providing shelter and shade and generating new opportunities for wildlife. It contributes to biodiversity by nurturing more species of birds and insects than conventional techniques.

They have large projects throughout Central and Western Kenya, including several demonstration farms to educate local communities on sustainable agriculture and agroforestry. They work with several women’s groups and some local trade schools. The program expanded in 2008, when they distributed 300,000 seeds. In 2009, they hired a country coordinator to help meet demand for their services. They provide seeds and workshops on agroforestry. Their aim is to lower the cost of fodder leaves, timber, building materials and green manure to improve agricultural production.

In 2011, our tree planting partner distributed 4.5 million seeds and planted 3 million seedlings working with 200 local organisations and schools.




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  1. Hello!
    I’m running a project of organic farming in Malaba (western Kenya) and we’d like to start with an agroforestry program from next week. We have some seeds (moringa, neem tree, and some indigenous trees), but we are looking for some more seeds.
    Could you get in touch with me? We’d really like to get in touch with you guys to know more about your program!
    Best regards,

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