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Our tree planting project in the coastal barangay of Tibaguin, Hagonoy in the Philippines is a significant endeavor aimed at making an impact in the region. With 40,000 mangroves planted as of November 2019, we hope to transform this coastal area that houses around 2,884 people and accounts for approximately half of the fisherfolk in Bulacan province.

Why Plant Trees in Hagonoy?

Philippines Planting Projects

The region heavily experiences frequent floods and immense degradation of its natural resources which significantly negatively impacts the local community. The planting of mangroves serves a dual purpose; the trees act as flood defenses and also provide an ecosystem for the thriving of many fish species.

Our Choice – Mangroves

Philippines Planting Projects

Apart from being native to the region and filtering pollutants, these trees prevent shoreline erosion. Worryingly, mangroves have been disappearing faster than coral reefs and forests despite producing emissions equivalent to nearly 20% of the worldwide emissions from deforestation while comprising only 0.4% of global forests.

Plantation Success Factors

Philippines Planting Projects

We ensure a high-growth potential by choosing areas that need reforesting. The trees are best planted during the rainy season due to higher survival rates and within a month for optimal results.

Careful Measures

Trees are planted with utmost care and precision, in consultation with those affected and local authorities. Maintenance is a robust part, including regular cleanups and fence maintenance. Local Fish Farmers Cooperatives oversee and monitor mangrove seedlings and sites planted.

The Future

These plantation efforts are not just about rehabilitating the natural environment, but also about providing a sustainable livelihood. As fishing and related activities provide up to 75% of income for coastal residents, better ecosystems mean better opportunities. By partnering with companies like Aspen, Biogenic Alcohol, and San Miguel Corp, we can stem the tide of deforestation and encourage the restoration of vibrant habitats and communities. Together, we hope to make a real difference for the people, the environment, and the world.

Plant with us in Philippines

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