We will grow premium nature based carbon credits on 230,000 hectares of land.

We Plant Carbon Credits

Nature based premium carbon credits

Nature has the power to help humanity's fight against the negative effects of Green House Gas emissions. You know that forests are nature's greatest asset!

All commerce is being challenged to play its part in this fight and for many industries 'Business as usual' will be threatened without us all making the required environmental changes.

So we have chosen to equip you with the tools you need to future proof your business against this ever increasing threat. We have created Tanzania's first large scale 'Carbon Credit Creation Forestry Program'.

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What are premium carbon credits?

Our carbon credits make these amazing impacts for our planet and people: Work for local farmers, Food production, Reforest degraded lands, Create nutrients for the soil, Agroforestry, Reduce plastic usage and top soil degradation., Improving ecosystems and habitats., Nature-based credits offer a lifeline for preserving our delicate ecosystems.