HAKO Machines

30,506 trees

Who: Europe’s leading manufacturer of cleaning machine technology for use in commercial, industrial and municipal environments.

What: Fully Branded Tree Kit Cups

How: Giveaway at IMHX exhibition in Birmingham’s NEC

Why: To communicate their Net Zero commitments and showcase their sustainable products

Hako tree post

Hako used branded tree kits as a giveaway at the IMHX Exhibition 2022 in Birmingham’s NEC. They wanted their giveaways to reflect their commitment to becoming Net Zero by 2023.

Booth Design

Here’s how their booth was set up with tree kits showcased beautifully on the wall. Great way to showcase products and the causes they stand for.

Tree Posts

Recipients are engaging further by naming their trees and posting photos of their trees.

You can see all the tree posts here.

Social Media Promotions

The Hako team did a great job hyping up their initiative before the event and they continue posting updates after the event. They are sharing photos and videos of the impact they’ve made in Tanzania by gifting tree kits.


Every Hako tree kit plants 10 more trees in the Hako Forest in Tanzania. Visit their Forest here to see their impact.


“I discovered ForestNation while speaking at the Manufacturing Expo and was immediately taken with what they are trying to achieve. As important as our environmental pledge is, to also contribute to the growth and economy of these small villages in Tanzania was a great opportunity.”

~ Sylvie Giangolini, Managing Director, Hako Machines

“We have pledged to become a carbon neutral company by 2023 and we felt working with Forest Nation offered us much more than the alternatives.
We feel that the amount that the project will help the local community is to us as important as the Environmental aspect and we are proud to be part of such a project”

~ Adam Bennett, Environmental and Compliance Manager, Hako Machines