76,767 trees

Who: Digital freight forwarding and supply chain platform

What: Gifting Trees to their clients to offset emissions from shipping

How: Each client is gifted their own Forest. Trees are added every quarter based on shipping activity.

Why: To offer sustainable shipping solutions and to increase customer retention

Shypple trees in nursery

If the Shipping Industry were a Country, it’d be the 6th Largest Polluter in the World!

The maritime shipping industry emits around 2.5% of all greenhouse gases released each year, mainly due to its reliance on fossil fuels. Shypple aims to solve this problem by offering sustainable shipping solutions to its clients. Here’s how they do it…

Offsetting Emissions

Shypple has teamed up with a partner to accurately calculate emissions from each shipment. This data is visible within the Shypple platform when clients are creating shipments.

Shypple offsets all their emissions by planting trees in their Forest in Tanzania. They plant 10 times the number of trees needed to offset all emissions for their clients as well as their own operations including employee commute etc.

The trees planted in Tanzania don’t just offset emissions. They create jobs, income, and sustainable livelihoods for local communities. You can see the first update from their planting in the video below.

Visit their Forest here to see their impact so far >

Gifting Forests to Clients

Shypple has gifted Forests to their clients regularly using their platform. Each quarter, more trees are planted based on the client’s shipping activity.

This is a great way to engage clients about their sustainability program and this also increases client retention – clients have their own Forest that they want to keep growing!

Shypple gets Giving Tree points as kudos for gifting trees to clients. The Shypple Forest shows the collective impact of all their client Forests and their own planting!

Kudos to team Shypple for creating a positive impact with their clients!

“If you look at the carbon footprint in the transport industry, there is a lot to gain. We are very excited about the services our platform provides, that support our goal to positively change the industry and make a positive impact to the world,” says Jarell Habets, CEO and founder of Shypple. “Sustainability is a core value within Shypple. Our organization operates in a fully climate-positive way, and we have the ambition to be a driver of change in the entire sector.”