Solution Group

134,227 trees

Who: Promotional products Distributor in Italy.

What: Gift a Forest to clients.

How: Planting 100 trees for every $5000 spent by their clients.

Why: To increase retention and build loyalty.

trees by solution group

The Initiative

Solution Group plants 100 trees for every €5000 clients spend with them. 110,800 trees have been planted since the initiative started in March 2021.

Showing Impact on Packaging

  • Impact stats display with QR to view brand or supplier’s forest
  • As life changing sustainable impacts are made brand loyalty grows
  • Impact stats prove sustainable authenticity of brand and product
  • Impacts keep brands top of mind

Personalized Impact Reports

  • ‘Impact Certificates’ for every order
  • ‘Annual Sustainability Reports’ showing % of orders responsible for trees planted, encouraging larger spend
  • Sustainability Reports are USPs used when pitching for new business
  • Simple reporting for brands required to show their environmental advocacy

Henkel featured Solution Group from a pool of other partners because this is something unique that they can shout about.

“The initiative we launched with ForestNation in 2021 along with others, are now showing the first results. What we are perceiving the most is the positioning of the Solution Group brand as a supplier amongst our customers. We are stuck in their minds as the company who does things differently and that will make their purchasing more meaningful.

It has also helped our sales force concentrate on the philosophy of the company when trying to create lead generation rather than proposing products that any supplier is able to provide. We do exactly the same things but with an added value and we now represent something and have a strong identity.”

– Manuel Xueref, Marketing/CSR Director, Solution Group