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Tree Kit Pouch Event Pass


Replace your plastic event passes with tree kits that grow trees anywhere.
This is a great way to be top of mind during the event, and for the life of the tree they grow.
Optional add-on: Lanyards made of bamboo for a fully sustainable solution.

Our team will contact you for art files and help you prepare your design.

Tree Kits contain everything you need to grow a tree from seed.

Made by hand in Tennessee USA. We select seeds for your area.

We plant matching trees in Tanzania to create sustainable livelihoods and reforest our planet. Includes Satellite Reports to prove the growth and health of your Forest.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

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Tree Kit Pouch Event Pass

  • Hand made in the USA
  • Pouches are 100% biodegradable. Comes with a hole to attach to a lanyard.
  • Tree growing pellet
  • Tree seeds selected for your area
  • Growing instructions
  • Branded Front Label
  • Event Pass Label
  • New custom packaging available on request
  • Unique code that connects their tree to your Forest online when they name their tree
  • Tree posts to upload photos and experiences, and to share to raise awareness for your forest

How It Works

Experience the Difference
Discover a customizable event pass pouch designed to elevate your brand. Our all-inclusive pricing covers the printing of your eye-catching branded label on one side of the pouch.

Effortless Customization
We leave the other side of the pouch unmarked, providing you with a blank canvas to print and apply your event passes. This flexibility allows you to issue event passes seamlessly at your venue.

Innovative Functionality
Inside each pouch, we include a sturdy card that not only simplifies labeling but also features easy-to-follow tree-growing instructions and a unique tree code exclusive to your event.

End-to-End Service
Should you prefer to have all your event passes pre-printed and applied to the pouches, simply request a quote, and we’ll take care of the rest, delivering a turnkey solution tailored to your needs.

Tree Growing

The tree sprouts in just 2-6 weeks and it’s a really fun activity to plant and see it grow. Trees can be kept growing in a plant pot indoors or planted in a garden, patio or terrace.

Choose from trees best suited for your area or trees that will grow anywhere in the US. Examples of Tree Species include White Spruce, Western Redbud, Lavender, Sage.

Weight 0.53 oz

Dimensions 3.15″ L x 5.15″ W x 0.55″ H

Print area 2.4” x 3.75” Front Label

Print method Full CMYK color

Lead time 2 weeks (1 week rush)

Packaging 12″ x 12″ x 12″ boxes with 100 units/box for Bulk orders, 3″ x 3 ” box for Fulfilment orders

Shipping from 37917, TN, US.

Product features

  • Handmade in USA (employing people with disabilities)
  • 100% eco friendly
  • No extra setup charges

You Plant We Plant

  • People will love you for encouraging them to grow trees and give back to Mother Earth.
  • Your Message Lasts a Lifetime! Be remembered everyday they care for their trees.
  • We plant matching trees to reforest Mother Earth, creating sustainable livelihoods for communities affected by deforestation.

Your Forest

  • Your Forest proves you are committed to fixing our broken climate.
  • Tree planting updates and impact stats. Photos with branded signs and video shoutouts when you reach tree planting goals.
  • Includes third-party Satellite reports that prove the growth and health of your trees

Tree Posts

  • Each tree kit has a unique code that recipients can use to create a tree post online.
  • They can name their tree, upload photos and share the posts on social media.
  • All the tree posts are connected to your brand’s forest profile and the tree planting project in Tanzania.
  • Recipients are awarded 2 Seed points which they can use to plant real trees in their own Forest.
Weight 0.015 kg