AI Earth Summit 2019

ForestNation at AI Earth Summit

Artificial Intelligence or AI is powerful technology. Recent events of companies abusing this power has built a negative perception around it. But in the right hands, AI has endless potential to radicalize social change. It’s just a matter of bringing the tech community closer to agents of change – enter the AI Earth Summit!

AI Earth Summit 2019 is hosted by the AI LA community – a community of AI stakeholders in the Greater Los Angeles (LA) area working together to develop LA into the AI Hub for Social Good.

The inaugural summit this year is an ambitious initiative to share access to AI tech with environmental experts and people who care about Mother Earth – joining hands with the tech community for collaborative action on climate change.

ForestNation is thrilled to be collaborating with AILA on reconnecting the Earth Summit attendees with nature by having them grow their own Trees. They’ll also have matching trees planted in Tanzania with our amazing reforestation partners there. Jessica Girard from the ForestNation team will also be speaking during the Biodiversity & Conservation breakout session.

We’d like to thank Todd Terrazas, Founder & President of the AI LA Community, for championing this initiative.

Trees are a necessary part of life. I grew up in the Boy Scouts, planting trees, camping outdoors, learning about “leave no trace”, and for my Eagle Scout project I worked with the Huntington Library and Gardens to plot all of the trees in the Australian Garden to help the organization keep track of their vital assets. – Todd Terrazas

He’s planted over 20 trees in the downtown Arts District in the last 3 years with Industrial District Green

Keep up the amazing spirit! Hoping more of the tech community join in on planting trees and caring for Mother Earth.

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