ForestNation Certified

All our Tree Planting Projects create sustainable livelihoods. All the Trees absorb CO2, offset carbon emissions and contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

All our Tree Planting Projects are ForestNation certified, which means they promise:

All Trees are registered with the UNEP’s Planet for the Planet Trillion Tree campaign. 

The Trees all absorb CO2 and offset carbon emissions and create sustainable livelihoods.

For every 10,000 trees planted at least double that will germinate naturally within following 5 years.

To use agroforestry techniques where trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland to increase natural reforestation and biodiversity as nature intended.

To focus on sustainable livelihoods and contribute towards at least the following SDGs:

To work towards a future where all of the trees we plant throughout their life contribute to all the 17 of the UN’s SDGs

To make follow ups and send monthly updates to ForestNation with photos and/or videos.

Version 2 certification coming soon:

Carbon credits for trading. You can report all the trees you plant with ForestNation for you CSR. Trees absorb carbon even without “carbon credit certificates”. We are working hard to give you this added financial benefit.

Drone timelapse aerial photography. This is awesome and entertaining proof that will be coming soon.