Give trees kits. Be remembered everyday with eco friendly hit promotional products.

8 Inspiring Ways Tree Gifts are Hit Promotional Products

Everyone loves trees, which is just one reason they are hit promotional products! Checkout these 8 other inspirational reasons for you to promote your business with branded Tree Gifts.
Companies like Salesforce, Panasonic and Marriott International work with ForestNation to give Trees. They all used branded Tree Kits to boost core business metrics like engagement, retention and acquisition.

1. Be remembered everyday

Trees should be a part of your marketing strategy because they are great for enhancing brand recognition and loyalty.
They help you to connect with the people most important to your brand. Because growing a tree is a highly personal and gratifying experience.
A Tree communicates your message for a lifetime, reinforcing your brand identity every time…

Watch Carolyn introduce Tree by ForestNation

Connect and engage people with customized Tree Kits at events and trade shows. HR teams use Tree Gifts for employee engagement. And they are also a unique gift with purchase.

2. Suited for all Campaign types

Trees are hit promotional products because they can be used for all kinds of campaigns. Here are some ways companies used Tree gifts:

Branded Trees can be used for different stages of a campaign – awareness, acquisition, engagement, activation, retention, etc.

Marriott International communicate their social impact with Trees

“We chose ForestNation because we really liked their concept ‘you plant one, we plant one’. It is a simple yet very effective campaign that allows us to be part of something bigger. This ties in well with our sustainability agenda and how we can do things concretely to mitigate our impact on the environment.”

3. Combine Marketing and CSR

Marketers are now evolving and finding a way to use promotional products in a way that covers ROI. Hybrid campaigns merging marketing and CSR is a recipe for success. Associating your gift with a good cause makes it a hit promotional product. Everyone loves trees, so tree gifts are perfect for this approach. You will have far reaching impact with your promo campaigns.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is growing trees with partners to promote their new initiative

panasonic toughbook europe marketing team with forestnation tree kits

“We thought the chance to grow new trees alongside growing our business with our European channel partners was an irresistible opportunity.” ~ Stefan Petterson, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK’s Channel Sales Manager for Europe

4. Unique Promotional Product

Imagine giving a living, breathing tree that grows. You will definitely stand out and connect with people in a unique way.
People will want to take selfies and talk about their Tree because it is unlike any gift they would have ever received.

Eventures are keeping it fresh with Trees

eventures showcasing their branded trees

“We felt that ForestNation tree kits were the perfect promotional item to give away. Anyone can give out standard promotional items which are either quickly discarded or forgotten about. But giving out a tree kit with seeds that someone can plant is something that will leave a lasting impact for years and years to come.”

5. Fully customizable Tree Gifts

Tree kits can be fully customized with your brand logos, messages or graphics. Your branding will show on office desks, window sills, etc. for months – adding to your brand visibility.

Tree Passes for Your Events

jessica event pass
tree pass
Replace plastic lanyards with eco friendly tree visitor passes for events. Become carbon neutral and wow your guests with our hit promotional products.
87% of Americans would purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about.

6. Create a positive Brand Impression

Giving Trees changes the way people perceive your brand. Because you are empowering them to do good…

Tree Posts linked to your Campaign

Tree Kits contain everything your people need to grow and care for their Trees…

7. Business + Environmental + Social impact

For every 1000 people growing your branded Tree…

Watch Jessica and Shift to Social Impact!

US consumers are more likely to have a positive image of (89%), trust in (86%) and be loyal (83%) to brands that lead with Purpose.
Combine a Social Impact Mission with your for-profit goals. Inspire your investors. Set an example for your competitors. Improve your ESG* (Environmental, Social and Governance).

8. Eco Friendly & Zero Waste promotional product

People are now more eco conscious as ever. You can align with this sentiment by giving them stuff that is good for the environment. Every element of the tree kit is either biodegradable or compostable. This means zero waste and zero environmental footprint which people love.

Salesforce is going green with their swag

salesforce event tree kits
“Salesforce Engineering is excited to bring ForestNation Tree Kits to our conferences and events. We want to create our events with zero waste in mind and this begins with our giveaways.”

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