Jeshua Cardenas
October 4, 2023

Our network of tree planting partners in Kenya are transforming the lives of impoverished farmers through the powerful tool of agroforestry. Not only does this innovative approach enhance the quality of their lands, but it also provides economic benefits leading to a remarkable alleviation of poverty.

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is an amalgamation of agriculture and forestry methodologies. It allows farmers to incredibly diversify their offering to include not only crops but also firewood, livestock feed, timber and poles. This technique optimises farm productivity for both subsistence farming and cash crops.

Moreover, it significantly contributes to environmental conservation. Shelter and shade are provided for grazing animals, new habitats for wildlife are created, and biodiversity is encouraged by nurturing a wide variety of bird and insect species.

Projects in Central and Western Kenya

Kenya Planting Project

Several of our large-scale projects are based in Central and Western Kenya. These regions are home to several demonstration farms, which serve as interactive learning centres for local communities. The aim is to educate them about the numerous benefits of sustainable agriculture and agroforestry as means to improve their wellbeing.

Our projects place a particular emphasis on engagement with women groups and local trade schools, promoting equal access to knowledge and opportunities.


Kenya Planting Project

Since the commencement of these projects in 2008, we’ve seen significant growth with the distribution of 300,000 seeds in our first year itself. Given the surge in demand for our services, we extended our team by hiring a country coordinator in 2009 who facilitated workshops and managed the provision of seeds to communities.

What did we do?

In 2011, our tree planting initiative successfully disseminated 4.5 million seeds and planted 3 million seedlings. This was accomplished with the unwavering support of 200 local organizations and schools. The primary goal remains to reduce the cost of fodder leaves, timber, building materials, and green manure which significantly boosts agricultural output and enhances the livelihood of the farmers.

Through the trees we plant, we aim to create a future where farmers not only survive, but thrive.

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Jeshua Cardenas

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