How can I live a zero-waste life?

First things first, discover your WHY, your reason for living a zero-waste life! This will be your driving force, and will help you if you begin to falter.

How do I start?

Look at your home, and “assess your waste.” Are there many non-reusable products? Products that are one-use only? See where in your life you are making the most waste, and zero in on that area! You don’t need to tackle everything at once–start with baby steps.

So, should I replace everything in that area?

No, you don’t need to! Of course, if you have the means to do so, go ahead! But you can also use the remaining items up. While you do so, make sure you know how to dispose of them properly! Does that mean recycling? Composting? Reusing them in some other way? Most products will have instructions or the recycling logo on them. Once you have used up all of the items, you can search for zero-waste alternatives.

This other person is doing better than I am.

Don’t worry, it’s a process! This community is supposed to be uplifting, not disheartening. This is a process, and it won’t happen overnight. Just the fact that you have taken the first step is awesome enough! “Everyone’s zero waste journey is different,” so let’s all support one another!

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Zero Waste Living

You’ve most likely heard about it: someone has been living a zero-waste life for X years! How do they even do that? When we look around our homes, there’s just so many wasteful products–where should we start? Is it even possible? Learn the answers to all these questions and more!

Wise Up About Zero Waste Living

Most importantly, you’ll learn that living a zero-waste life is a process, not an instantaneous result. You’ll learn how to take care of all the wasteful, non-reusable items that are currently in your home, and how to narrow your home down until you can prioritize one area at a time. This is what makes the zero-waste lifestyle a sustainable one! Each effort we make helps Mother Earth, no matter how little they may seem. In fact, you can help Mother Earth right now by taking the quiz and earning points towards a SEED! Plant a tree, and help combat climate change.

What we learned

It’s easy to get discouraged, and it’s even easier to think that only people who have enough money to do a complete overhaul of their home can live a zero-waste life. However, that isn’t true! We here at ForestNation have learned that this isn’t a competition, and that “everyone’s zero waste journey is different.” Let’s inspire and be inspired by others!

Quiz Gratitude

Big thanks to Trash is for Tossers for this insightful blog post on zero waste living!Thanks to RikaC on Pixabay for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz.

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