Agroforestry what Trees do when you are not Looking

Hello ForestNation community, I have an exciting fact to tell you: trees do more than you think.

For example, did you know that they can benefit agriculture? This method is called agroforestry, and I will tell you all about how ForestNation is making the most of our commitment.

So what is agroforestry? Simply explained, it is trees interplanted with crops. Now that might sound strange to you, but it actually benefits the crops, making them grow faster and grow bigger. How is it not magic? Well, here is the process:

The farmer interplants the crops and trees throughout his field. They both start to grow.

As the trees grow, it puts out roots that expand and die.

The dead roots decompose, which adds extra nutrients to the soil.

Fungi speed up decomposition, and when the roots are gone, the fungi die too, adding further nutrients to the soil!

Now, this may sound strange, can’t we just use artificial fertilizers and pesticides? Well, the natural agroforestry techniques actually provide a wider range of nutrients than artificial supplements. This also saves the farmers from buying fertilizers, which will help the farmers conserve money.

Trees are really important for life. They add shade for hot days, they can provide natural windbreakers and property lines, and they help  regulate localized climate.

ForestNation wants to make a huge difference, and this brings us to what we are doing in regards to agroforestry and food security. One of our partners, Trees for the Future, has partnered with farmers in Haiti to try to help with food security in the area. So with some of the purchases of Tree Kits, we will plant trees in farm fields! Some examples are the Moringa oleifera, Leucaena leucocephala, and Catalpa longitissima. Talk about 2 for 1!

Here is an example of the fertility of the agroforestry cornfield in Haiti…

Leandro Pic Agroforestry Non Use


…versus a corn field (still in Haiti!) with fertilizers.

Leandro Pic Agroforestry Use


As you can see, the first one clearly has bigger corn.

Do you know any agroforestry farmers in your community, or if you use trees for more than landscaping and cleaning the air? Write back!

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