Changes to Make Today That Will Help Save the Ocean


How easy is it to help save the ocean? While one person can’t do it on their own, it’s possible to make minor changes that will snowball and have a much larger impact. There are tons of small changes to make that can be started today, that won’t be costly, and that can help preserve the environment or improve the ocean to make it safer for all plants and animals that live there. Some of the small changes to start today include the following.

Support Wildlife and Ocean Charities

There are tons of wildlife and ocean-centric charities that focus on gathering donations to help organizations that clean and protect the world. By buying wildlife conservation jewelry, it’s possible to get gorgeous jewelry to wear, and a portion of all proceeds is dedicated to helping wildlife that is threatened or endangered. Check out other charities to see how easy it is to help.

Use Less Water

When water is wasted, it can lead to runoff that ends up in the oceans. Full of chemicals, the runoff causes major problems for the plants and animals in the ocean. Instead, use less water whenever possible. Only water the lawn as needed, reuse water for plants as long as it doesn’t have chemicals in it, and take shorter showers each day. All of this adds up and helps protect the ocean.

Reduce Waste

Too much of the waste from people around the world ends up in the ocean. It can kill the animals, block the plants from getting sunlight, and release toxic chemicals as it breaks down. One way to help save the oceans is to reduce waste as much as possible. Use waste from cooking vegetables as compost, opt for recyclable containers when possible, and take other steps that are easy and can help you end up tossing less.

Use Less Plastic

Plastic accounts for a lot of the trash that ends up in the ocean, and it’s not going to break down like paper products. Using less plastic can help keep it out of the ocean. Opt for reusable packaging, bring reusable grocery bags to the store, and choose reusable cups instead of buying plastic ones to throw away. It can be easy to reduce the use of plastic, even if it’s not possible to completely eliminate it.

Bike or Walk When Possible

Cars contribute to the pollution in the air, which ends up contaminating the ocean waters killing plants and animals that live there. When possible, take public transportation, ride a bike or take a walk. It may not be possible to get to work this way, but if there’s a grocery store nearby, riding a bike instead of taking the car can help reduce the use of vehicles and the amount of pollution released into the air.

Use Less Energy

It’s easy to end up wasting electricity. While turning the lights off isn’t going to make a huge difference on the electric bill, switching to energy-efficient bulbs can. There are also plenty of other ways to reduce electricity use, including changing the thermostat a little bit, opting for solar power for some or all items in the home, and more. Look into some of the easy ways to reduce energy use today to see how much of a difference it can make for your electric bills and to help save the ocean.

The oceans are suffering, but there are ways to help. Even if you only try a few things on this list right now, you’ll have done something to help save the oceans and can help make the world a better place. As you go through the list, see what changes you can start making today and what you can encourage others to do, as well. If everyone does a little bit, it can make a noticeable difference in the health and safety of the ocean.


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