Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees: The Ultimate Guide to Showing Appreciation during the Holiday Season

Jeshua Cardenas
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Christmas gift ideas for employees

Christmas is a time for joy, celebration and, of course, the exchange of gifts. For businesses, it’s also the perfect time to show gratitude towards employees for their hard work throughout the year. Choosing the right Christmas gifts for employees can be a challenge, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your appreciation and make them feel valued.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a range of unique, thoughtful, and sustainable Christmas gift ideas for employees. We’ll consider various budgets, interests, and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Remember, the key to selecting the perfect Christmas gift is to show your employees that you value their contribution and consider them part of your business family. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect Christmas gifts for your employees!

Customized Gifts for Employees

Personalized gifts are a fantastic way to show your employees you’ve put thought into their gift. Whether it’s an item with their name or initials, a product tailored to their interests, or a gift that commemorates their time at the company, a customized present can make your staff feel special.

ForestNation Tree Gifts

ForestNation offers a fantastic eco-friendly gift option with their Tree Gifts. By purchasing these Tree Gifts, you’re not only giving your employees a unique and sustainable gift, but you’re also contributing to global reforestation efforts. Each tree kit includes everything your employees need to grow their own tree, along with an online platform where they can register their tree and see where its twin tree will be planted in a developing country. It’s a gift that truly gives back, aligning perfectly with an environmentally-conscious, community-oriented ethos.

Engraved or Embroidered Items

Consider gifts like customized mugs, engraved pens, or embroidered bags. These can be tailored with the employee’s name or initials, making the gift personal and unique.

Personalized Office Supplies

Desk accessories like personalized mouse pads, notebooks, or desk organizers can be a great way to add a personal touch to their workspace, whether they’re working in the office or from home.

Custom Apparel

Custom apparel, such as t-shirts, hoodies, or hats, can be a fun and useful gift. You can personalize these items with the employee’s name or even a funny inside joke that will remind them of enjoyable moments at work. 

Tech Gifts for Employees

In today’s digital world, tech gifts are always appreciated. They can make work (and play) more enjoyable and efficient. Here are some tech gift ideas for your employees:


A quality pair of headphones can be a game-changer, especially for employees working from home. It can help them focus on their work by blocking out background noise.

Power Banks

In our tech-driven world, staying connected is essential. A handy power bank can ensure that your employees’ devices never run out of juice – a thoughtful gift, particularly for those who travel a lot.

Digital Gift Cards

For a last-minute gift or for those hard-to-shop-for employees, consider digital gift cards. These can be for planting trees in a forest, popular online retailers, streaming services, or even food delivery apps.

Wellness Gifts for Employees

The holiday season can be a stressful time, so gifts that promote relaxation and well-being can be very appreciated. Here are some wellness gift ideas:

Fitness Trackers

A fitness tracker is a great way to encourage employees to stay active and healthy. It can also introduce a bit of friendly competition into the workplace as employees can compare steps and workouts.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aromatherapy diffusers can transform a workspace into a zen oasis. Paired with essential oils like lavender or peppermint, these diffusers can help reduce stress and increase focus.

Subscription to Meditation Apps

A subscription to a meditation app can provide employees with tools and resources to manage stress, sleep better, and improve their mental well-being.

Reusable Water Bottles

Help your employees stay hydrated while reducing their use of disposable plastic bottles. A high-quality, reusable water bottle is a gift that your employees can use daily.

Plantable Pencils

These unique pencils can be planted after they’re used, allowing employees to grow their own herbs or flowers. They’re a great way to add a touch of greenery to your employees’ workspaces.

Budget-Friendly Gifts for Employees

Showing your employees that you appreciate them doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of budget-friendly gifts that your employees will love.

Desk Decorations

A fun desk decoration, like a picture frame, a small plant, or a unique calendar, can add personality to an employee’s workspace without costing a fortune.

Coffee or Tea Samplers

For your caffeine-loving employees, consider a sampler of gourmet coffees or teas. It’s a small gift that can make their mornings a bit brighter.

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers can be a fun and inexpensive gift. They can be personalized with the company logo, an inside joke, or anything else that might resonate with your employees.

High-End Gifts for Employees

If you’re looking to splurge a little on your employees this Christmas, consider these high-end gifts:

High-Quality Backpacks or Bags

A stylish, durable backpack or bag can be a great gift for employees. They can use it for commuting to work, traveling, or even just running errands.

Premium Subscription Services

Consider paying for a year’s subscription to a service that you know your employee will love. This could be a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify, a book subscription box, or even a premium LinkedIn account.

Office Chairs or Desks

For employees who work from home, a new office chair or desk could make a huge difference in their comfort and productivity. This is a practical gift that shows you care about their work environment.

Group Gifts for Employees

Sometimes, the best gifts are those that can be enjoyed as a team. Group gifts can encourage team bonding and create shared memories.

Team Outings or Experiences

A group outing, like a team dinner, a trip to an escape room, or a cooking class, can be a great way to celebrate the holiday season together.

Office Equipment or Appliances

Consider upgrading a piece of office equipment or appliance that everyone uses. This could be a new coffee machine, a high-quality printer, or even a new office TV.

Team Training or Workshops

Investing in your employees’ professional development can be a great gift. Consider booking a team training or workshop that can help your employees learn and grow together.

Virtual Gifts for Remote Employees

For remote employees, consider gifts that can be delivered digitally and enjoyed from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Classes or Courses

Consider gifting your remote employees access to an online class or course. This could be something related to their job, or it could be something fun and unrelated, like a photography class or a cooking course.

Digital Gift Cards

A digital gift card to a popular online retailer or food delivery service can be a great gift for remote employees. They can choose exactly what they want, and it’s delivered right to their inbox.

Subscription to a Streaming Service

A subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ can provide hours of entertainment for your remote employees.

Choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for employees can be a challenge, but it’s an opportunity to show your appreciation and make them feel valued. Remember, the most important thing is to thoughtfully consider your employees’ interests, needs, and preferences. Happy gifting!

Jeshua Cardenas

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