Don’t be barbarians – plant trees

Nature is Imagination

Activist writer and intellectual seventh president of Argentina, Domingo Sarmiento, had a famous saying “don’t be barbarians, plant trees”. Due to this green “ideal” many public parks and avenues are lined with different species of exotic trees making Buenos Aires a feast of colours for the eyes in spring and summer time.

French landscaper, Carlos Thays, was appointed Director of Parks and Walks and remodelled most of the city parks and open spaces as you see it today. The avenues of Buenos Aires are filled with interesting trees from the bellies of the Palo Borracho, the twisted roots of the Ceibo, the purple blooms of the Jacaranda, the alien shapes of the Plane to the dramatic black bark of the Tipa trees.

Don’t be barbarians – plant trees







Photos and content by Tharien Pieterse, ForestNation Ambassador and Founder and travel writer at Travel Muti.

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