Forest photography by Ron Clifford

Ron Clifford David and Daisy Aug 17 2011-3-187_8_9-Edit-3-X2

Forest photography by Ron Clifford

This is the first in a series of blog posts to show appreciation to photographers around the world who capture the beauty and imagination of our Forests. Forest are magical places that connect with us in a very special way.

Ron Clifford is a professional photographer, mentor/educator and community builder. He shoots fine art outdoor photography, weddings, events, and nature. He offers interactive online mentorships in photography and also creative, topical workshops and tours.

“I believe we only truly reach our potential when we learn to help others. To lift each other up. We were made for community and family and in a small way, that’s what social networks do. Nothing can compare to getting involved in building up another persons real life.” – Ron Clifford.

See Ron’s photography here:


Ron Clifford David and Daisy Aug 17 2011-3-187_8_9-Edit-3-X2

It’s About the Journey

A beautiful path runs through some lush green British Columbia Old Growth Forest


Ron Clifford Dyers Bay 19-07-2011-005-L

Cedar Waxxwing – Cedar Waxwing catching bugs in mid air


Ron Clifford Spring Wildflowers_Indian Paintbrush 2013-82-4

Flowers are people too

Ron is developing a workshop, and a tutorial about using portrait techniques and tools when shooting wildflowers.


Ron Clifford Eagles Cove-Ron Clifford-Week 1 2012-394-XL

Eagles Cove Camp – Week 1 at Eagle’s Cove camp for First Nations children Run by SCA International


Ron Clifford Trail to Bassin Bleu

Trail to Bassin Bleu – On our Hike to the third Basin “Bassin Bleu”

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