Gifts For An Environmental Student: How To Congratulate You On Taking Care Of Nature

Kristen Bray
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gifts for an environmental student

Environmentalists are those people who strive to improve the world around them and save the planet from imminent ecological disasters. They analyze, research, develop, and implement technologies that can reduce or eliminate the harm humanity inflicts on the Earth. Therefore, students embracing this critical and necessary profession should be congratulated for their concern for nature.

You can do this on Earth Day or congratulate your familiar environmental students just for fun. And this article will help you choose the best gifts for conservationists, considering their views on life.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Ecological gifts are those made from natural materials, often recycled. Such presents show the conservationist you know that you support them. So below, we described the best items for those who are not indifferent to the future of the planet and all life on it:

♻️ Office supplies made from recycled materials. Nowadays, the market offers a wide selection of diaries, notebooks, folders, and pens made of such stuff. And it’s great since there is no need to spend on new natural resources for their production.

♻️ A potted plant that helps to oxygenate the air in the house. The main thing is not to give such presents to friends who are going away on business trips for a long time.

♻️ Tree gifts that fill the home with a breath of nature and give precious memories for a lifetime (trees have a long lifespan).

♻️ A wristwatch or glasses made of wood.

♻️ Canvas bags and backpacks. In addition to the fact that such things are made from natural materials, they are also very durable, which will come in handy when traveling.

♻️ Biodegradable dishes made from bamboo, sugar cane, or cornstarch.

Moreover, if you enjoy and know how to make things with your hands, you can do that using recycled materials. For example, it can be coasters for cups and plates of wine corks, a mini bar from an old suitcase, or a desk lamp made from discarded porcelain cups. An environmental student will surely enjoy such a gift.

Gifts of Nature

A good present for students so close to nature that they even made their dorm room eco-friendly would be nature’s tasty and valuable gifts. In this case, you need to be as resistant as possible not to try a delicious gift before it reaches the recipient.

So, if you are confident in yourself, then we suggest you consider the following options:

🌿 Honey. If a person has no allergies, you can give them a set of different kinds of honey. Moreover, you can present treats in combs, which is much more helpful than ordinary honey.

🌿 Fruit bouquet or basket with fruits and vegetables. Try to choose quality fruits and vegetables from proven suppliers, and put them in a basket decorated with flowers.

🌿 Hand-picked teas and herbs. Herbal teas are caffeine-free, beneficial to the body, and can even help cope with some illnesses (if you choose the suitable composition).

🌿 Natural live oils: linseed, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, walnut. Consider that cold-pressed oils retain all the valuable substances.

If you can’t choose what to please your friend from the above lists, you can give them digital greeting cards that help to plant natural forests. Moreover, you can personalize your present with pictures, messages, gifs, and videos. Recipients get an email with a link to their gift online. It’s an exceptional gift that no one can stay indifferent to.


The gift for the ecologist doesn’t have to be made of natural or recycled material. It can simply reflect the eco-style in life. So, below, you can find the best ideas about selecting eco-gadgets for your friends:

✔️ A solar-powered phone charger. Such a gift will be helpful for those who are often on trips. With its help, they can use only the sun’s energy to charge the devices.

✔️ Energy-saving gifts. Not only are light bulbs energy-efficient, but also various household appliances. These include kettles, washing machines, and dishwashers. Such models are energy-saving and work in an eco-mode.

✔️ A homemade oil press. Such a thing will be helpful for those who prefer to eat only natural food.

✔️ Reusable water bottle. Instead of buying disposable plastic and polluting the planet, it is better to use reusable water bottles made of harmless materials.

✔️ Solar-powered light fixtures. It would be a good gift for those who live in country houses.

✔️ A bicycle, rollerblade, or scooter. In other words, any means of transportation that doesn’t pollute the air and the environment.

If funds allow and you’re in the closest relationship with the environmental student (he/she is your son or daughter, for instance), you can even give them a car. But, naturally, it should be an electric car or a car with an eco-mode, not one of those that spoil the air with exhaust fumes.

Some Extra Eco-Gifts for The Ladies

You can pick up exciting gifts for a woman receiving an environmental education. First of all, it can be fancy jewelry made of natural materials. So you can consider beads of amber, coral earrings, or a wooden bracelet. A lot of beautiful and unusual jewelry is also made of wood.

The second, no less broad category of gifts for women is eco-cosmetics made only from natural materials, without fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and other harmful components. So, what cosmetics can be given as a gift:

  • Herbal shampoos, balsams, and masks for hair;
  • Creams for the face, body, hands, and feet;
  • Natural scrubs, soaps, and shower gels;
  • Body oils and face hydrates.

Summing Up

Hope that these tips help surprise your environmentally-conscious friends. In addition, you can offer your help as a gift. And maybe the best present for environmentalists would be that you take part with them in cleaning up some polluted riverbank, making a website supporting nature protection, or putting together a clean-up day. Usually, such people live by their work, and assisting them in their cause can be more valuable than all the material gifts.


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