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Hello ForestNation, the future is looking bright for tomorrow’s leaders because of one worldwide group called Global Vision.

So what is Global Vision?  It helps the youth of the world ages 16-25 to get out and speak to their fellow youths, and gives them the opportunity to talk to delegates from other countries.  Go to to learn more about it.

I was lucky enough to present at the conference, talking about the initiatives ForestNation is taking.  I also handed out Clean Air Tree Kits to every person that was there.  There is a lot to learn from these inspirational people and there is a lot to learn from their presentations based on topics of the upcoming G8.

The Minister of Industry Tony Clement and Director General of the Summits Management Office Sanjeev Chowdhury were present at the Bracebridge conference, as well as local business owners and of course, Junior Team Canada.  By the way, Junior Team Canada is the name for the group of students who are the future leaders, and they are given the option to move on.  This may sound big, but it is only step one.

There are 4 steps, each getting progressively more challenging and more important.  Well, in this process you get to meet inspirational youth, the Prime Minister, and other youth delegates from across the WORLD!  The Global Vision team is very important to the leaders of the future, and they have a motivational team.  I would like to thank Amy and David for letting me present at the conference.  If you are a leader, try to find a Global Vision conference.  It may be the best thing you ever do!

MacKenzie Willis

P.S.  To all the wonderful people I met at the conference, I would love it if you could write back and comment!

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