How To Set Up A ‘Go Green’ Campaign At Work

go green campaign

How To Set Up A ‘Go Green’ Campaign At Work

Are you trying to convince your colleagues that the green way of life rocks for everybody? Is your employer not the most energy efficient? Trying to educate others on the benefits of looking after our environment isn’t easy, but with a few tools and a bit of determination you’ll be able to create an effective ‘Go Green’ Campaign at work.

Step 1: Find allies at work

How To Set Up A 'Go Green' Campaign At Work 1

You might feel alone when it comes to your green beliefs. After all, so many people are comfortable in their bubble that they don’t really pay much attention to the environment around them. Finding an ally might seem, well, impossible. Don’t fear though, there’s always one or two eco-friendly individuals in any organization – they’ve probably just not shouted about it.

There are a couple of ways you can seek these people out. Why not run a charity fundraiser such as a sponsored marathon for your favorite environmental not-for profit organization? People are likely to sponsor you to keep office harmony, but by raising the profile of environmental issues that are important to you, you may engage your colleagues into expressing their shared beliefs. With just one event you’ll have your new-found allies.

Step 2: Set up a Facebook group

Now you have your allies, you need to set up a Facebook group. This way you can all get-together, in or out of the office, to collaborate on new projects, or your green campaign. If you execute this correctly, your workplace will enjoy the positive reporting of their support on this important issue. Remember: if you are affiliating your Facebook group with your workplace you must seek their permission.

If you’re thinking of making it public, it’s always good to ensure the group is properly branded. Keep it fresh by using a professional Facebook cover photo maker, and get somebody to start a blog, where you can document any campaigns, events and successes. This way, even people outside of your organization can get involved.

Now, we’re not saying you should parade your new group around the office – you need to keep things professional – but you can always invite external members to any OOF (out of office) events.

Step 3: Create your first event

go green campaign

Office culture is hard to change – but all the most worthwhile things are. People might go out for drinks after work on a Friday, or the office will buy pizza for staff on a Tuesday.

Well, instead of socializing in bars after work, why not invite people for a gardening session at a community park (as long as permissions have been sought from the authorities)? How about a sponsored walk after work? There are so many amazing events you can involve your workplace in – that benefits both their public image and the health and wellbeing of your colleagues whilst raising money for charity.

Step 4: Follow-up after the event

So, you’ve just thrown your very first green event at work? Fantastic! Don’t let the movement die. You’ve thrown weeks into preparing something that you truly and passionately believe in – now keep going.

Sure, some people might drop out, but we’re sure that you’ve got many more interested than you had at the start. Remember when it was just you? Not anymore! Get out there, carry on campaigning for a cleaner world, and do your workplace proud.


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