Greenhouse of the Future

Greenhouse of the Future

What is Greenhouse of the Future?

The Greenhouse of the Future is an innovative and strategic design, built of recycled and natural materials, that interacts with the natural phenomena of the planet in order to create the ideal environment for growth and abundance.

The technologies and concepts that have inspired the design of this greenhouse have been proven by over 40 years of research and development by Michael Reynolds’ Earth ship homes as well as the many studies on passive solar greenhouses.


Wishing to make this inspiring, fun and very important in- formation accessible to all, we decided to create this DVD/ Ebook/Plans package of the very highest quality. Our main goal was to make it so clear, complete, and well explained that anybody could build it, even with no or very little previous experience. It is now possible for everyone to construct their own little paradise greenhouse, or be inspired by it to create another radically sustainable project! Whether you wish to be inspired by new solutions, learn from technical knowledge on resilient technologies or save time and money building your own paradise by using easy instructions and detailed plans, you won’t be disappointed!

Start creating your Greenhouse of the Future!

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