Inspiring Individuals Making Change

Inspiring Individuals

In my previous blog post, I admitted that it can be hard for individuals to feel like they’re making positive changes for our planet. This is why in this blog post I will briefly tell you about 5 inspiring individuals. These individuals are being highlighted for their positive changes. Examples are both well known and lesser known people. The message I’m telling here is that everyone can make change.

Rachel Carson

Author of Silent Spring, Rachel Carson is credited by many as having really started the environmental movement. The New York Times and the National Women’s History Museum say her book ignited the movement. The book was published in 1962, 8 years before the EPA was formed. In the book, she brought attention to the issues of pesticides and their effects on health and the environment. She focused on DDT specifically, which the EPA banned in the US in 1972. Carson also effectively brought literature and science together in her book. She accomplished this by writing about the science behind the subject. This allowed her to reach a larger audience and educate more people on the issue. She was also brave in publishing the book as she faced out-lash for being a woman. To read about her book specifically you can visit

Inspire others with your words and your writing

Al Gore

A well known name, Al Gore was vice president of the USA under Clinton and is a spokesperson for environmental issues. He brought the issue of global warming into focus in 2006 in the documentary An Inconvenient Truth, with a companion book. Gore again revisited the issue in 2017 in the documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. He also encourages others to take action with The Climate Reality Project. The group has various initiatives, ranging from 100% Committed, focused on clean energy, to 24 Hours of Reality, aimed at conversation. They also hold “trainings” throughout the year to educate those interested and help them speak to others on climate change. To learn more you can visit

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Youth Director of Earth Guardians, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a strong activist. A public speaker since the age of 6, he is both educated and well-spoken. He works to engage youth in the fight for a healthy environment, which he successfully does with his music. Martinez pushed the government to take action on climate change in a lawsuit. He served as a lead plaintiff in the case. As he is only about to turn 18, he has a long time ahead of him to continue to fight. The work he does is so important as it engages others, not just in the US but all around the globe. It also shows our country’s leaders how important it is to their voters. To learn more about Earth Guardians you can visit

What speaks to you will speak to others

David Hill

A doctor serving in two hospitals and with a private practice, David Hill is making his own impact. He serves as a National Board Member and Chairman of the Northeast Board for the American Lung Association where he advocates for clean air. He also has given 8 talks on climate change and lung disease since 2016. In the talks he explains how climate change threatens public health and shares steps people can take to reduce its effects. By doing this, Hill educates doctors and others on a subject they may not have previously given much thought to. To listen to his talk online you can visit

Baird Welch-Collins

Baird Welch-Collins is currently the democratic endorsed candidate to be the State Representative of a district in Connecticut. However, there are two primary challenges from other democrats seeking to become the democratic candidate. He currently serves as Representative Town Meeting for his district and as Flood and Erosion Control Board Treasurer. Welch-Collins supports an initiative to ban plastic bags. His campaign is calling for CT to build a clean energy economy. He is also an inspiring individual as he is making change in his own backyard as a beekeeper. On top of this, like Xiuhlezcatl, he uses music to connect with others. To learn more about his run for State Representative you can visit

These are just 5 examples of inspiring individuals making positive changes for our planet. They’re doing this through education, legislation, communication, and lawsuits. Some of the names given are very well-known but others are not as well known. This shows that everyone can make a positive change, even if it may be small. You too can be an inspiring individual. Start by educating yourself more on current environmental issues or find one you’re passionate about. Then spread the word on social media. If you’re more outgoing or motivated you can organize an event. Even just start small by making your home greener. You are in control of your actions, so you can choose to be an inspiring individual and help our planet.

One easy way to make your home greener is with house plants.

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