The Bios Urn: Live On As a Tree

bios urn

The Bios Urn: Live On As a Tree

Have you ever thought about what happens when you die? Have you thought about the environmental impact? In the funeral business, tons of resources, including wood, steel, and concrete are used to build and bury caskets. Plus, embalming fluid often contains harmful and polluting chemicals like formaldehyde. Fortunately, many people are considering the environment before planning their funerals, and are turning toward green burials. According to the Green Burial Council, green, or natural burial “is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat.” A company has created a smart and eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials. They call it the bios urn.

A Catalyst for Life

Imagine you could come back to life…as a tree. Imagine that your loved ones could live on as a beautiful part of nature. This is the vision of Bios Urn. Made with 100% biodegradable materials, the urn is “a catalyst for life.” The concept is simple: soil and ashes mix together inside the urn. Next, you can choose your seed to place on top, and plant your tree. Then, the urn will  naturally degrade with time, and the tree will grow into a unique and lasting memory of your loved one.

The bios urn offers the perfect opportunity to transform an emotional and difficult time into a beautiful moment of rebirth. Can you imagine how cemeteries could be transformed if we created burial forests instead? People could visit their loved ones by taking a stroll through the woods. What a great way to give back to nature! Bios Urn offers end of life solutions for both people and pets, and you can plant the bios urn either indoors or outdoors. Check out their website today to learn more:

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