Reducing Plastic: Tip #1 – NO Plastic Straws

As we become more aware of plastic pollution, we realize the importance of reducing it in our daily lives. It may seem difficult at first but there are many different ways to accomplish this. Each week I will strive to give you a few tips on how to reduce plastic. However, it is up to you to implement them. This weeks tip goes along with the new popular habit of refusing plastic straws.

Tip #1: Say no to plastic straws!

Plastic straws are bad because they don’t take long to make and are only single use.But more importantly they remain in landfills and often end up in our oceans as pollution. In fact, this type of straw is among the top 10 marine plastic debris found during cleanups of the coast.

To reduce them in your daily life, say no to a straw when you order drinks at a restaurant. Consider buying a reusable straw if you have children or just like straws. There are also alternatives such as aardvark or paper straws.

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