Scoots Launches Plant-Based Footwear

20,000 trees planted

Shoemakers Scoots have developed a product that will reduce your eco-footprint, quite literally. Their new sustainable shoes are made from 95% organic materials! And after use, 80% of the shoe is compostable. But they haven’t stopped at that. They realize that the shoe industry is long overdue with mother nature. So they’re planting trees with ForestNation for every new email subscriber and Kickstarter supporter!

We are glad to report that they have reached their campaign goals, which means they’ll plant 20,000 trees with us! These trees are being planted in our Tanzanian nursery. Learn how Scoots is giving back to the environment by following their campaign page on ForestNation.

We hope this inspires more socially responsible startups to kickstart their projects by planting trees. Start your own company campaign.

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Helping the ForestNation community to grow trees and forests, and give back to Mother Earth.

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