Green Schools Program Update in Tanzania

Swadesh Padhi
tanzania green schools program

Based in the Usambara Mountains of Tanzania, we facilitate tree planting and environmental conservation initiatives targeted at conserving biodiversity, combating climate change, and alleviating poverty. Our ambition is to plant 250,000 trees in 2016, with an aspiration to exceed this goal subject to funding.

The Green Schools Program: Our Conservation Strategy

tanzania green schools

Building on the remarkable success with school tree nurseries, we initiated the Green Schools Program, envisaged to further our conservation pursuits. Three rural schools harbor tree nurseries that grow diverse tree species including rainforest natives, fruit trees like avocado, apple, macadamia, and peach, the super tree Moringa, along with trees suitable for fodder and windbreaks.

Deploying Seedlings for Conservation

These seedlings hold a triple mission — they would rejuvenate the Magamba Nature Reserve, preserve the Lushoto water catchment basin that provides fresh water to over 20,000 Lushoto Township residents, and curtail erosion along waterways. Vital to the Green Schools Program is the plantation of fruit trees at schools and on subsistence farms, providing nutrition while safeguarding fruit trees in the reserve.

Youth Development: From Science Labs to Leadership Clubs

Environmental education forms the backbone of our approach. Through this program, we nurture future conservation leaders via the establishment of youth development clubs and school nurseries, transforming them into practical science labs. The students learn scientific methodologies by forming hypotheses and conducting experiments. Supported by their teachers, the students learn about environmental conservation, botany, and horticulture, and practice these lessons by taking part in tree growth and planting activities.

Community Participation

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This project upholds the community participation model where locals volunteer in nurseries and provide other forms of support – our mission ranges from training subsistence farmers in agroforestry to educating the regional population about the importance of preserving and expanding the Magamba Nature Reserve rainforest.

Sustainability: A Key Factor

Our Green Schools Program has sustainability ingrained at its core – income generation through tree sales supports the next tree planting cycle, reinforcing the economical sense to the locals. Subsistence farmers receive seedlings to cultivate on their farms; the growth of these trees ensures a financial influx, enhancing their livelihood and combating extreme poverty.

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