Tanzania Project Updates 2015

Swadesh Padhi
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tanzania 2015 school planting

In 2015, we provided 15,000 tree seedlings of 6 indigenous species to the District Council, and these trees were planted on the sides of a 3 Km road in Lushoto, and at Mlalo Village.We distributed 20,000 seedlings of indigenous tree species to Shambalai and Lushoto Secondary Schools. These trees were planted at the schools as well as in the local Forests in an Afforestation Programme. In addition, 10,000 tree seedlings were provided to Mbula and Nyankei PS kids to plant at their parents’ farms.We also provided 80,000 tree seedlings to 5 West Usambara schools to be planted at the schools and in local forests in an afforestation programme. In the same mission, 15,000 tree seedlings were provided to the villages of Mkuzi, Kwefingo, Mbula, and Nyankei to be planted on subsistence farms in agroforestry.
tanzania 2015 school tree distribution

Swadesh Padhi
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