Ten Ways To Teach Your Kids How To Be More Eco-Friendly


Tell them why it’s important.

To get kids interested in an eco-friendly lifestyle, you have to teach them why it’s so important in a way they can understand. When kids spot something on the news about the environment or comment on how unusually hot it is outside, use these opportunities to talk to them about what’s happening to the world. Don’t make the conversation too heavy, especially if kids are younger. Keep it upbeat by telling them they can make a difference by practicing a green lifestyle.

Spend time outdoors.

The more time kids spend outdoors, the more they will appreciate the world and want to protect it. Encourage kids to play outside as much as possible—not only will it help them foster a love for the environment, but it will also keep kids away from the TV and computer!

Start recycling.

To ease kids into an eco-friendly lifestyle, teach them how to separate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable items. Put a recycling bin in each of your kid’s room and start a competition to see who can recycle the most within a week or month. At the end of the competition, let the winner take a night off of chores or stay up an hour later than usual.

Skip the car.

Dropping your kids off at a friend’s house around the corner? Or are you all taking a family trip to the community park? If you can, hop on bikes and ride to your destination instead of piling into a car and driving. As you bike, talk to your kids about how driving a car adds to air pollution in the world. Teach kids walking or biking is much better for the environment, but if they have to drive, they should always carpool with each other.

Teach generosity.

Is it time for spring cleaning? As your kids decide what toys and clothes to keep and what to toss, talk to them about how the items they no longer want can be donated to local charities. Not only does this help kids understand the power of giving, but it also teaches them you can help the environment by finding new ways to use old things.

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