Do Trees Help Oceans Health?

For this year, on World Oceans Day, and we want to explain to you how trees are actually beneficial for oceans' health.

Do you want to know what’s super cool?

Trees help improve ocean health!

But how?

Trees remove carbon dioxides and other harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide from the atmosphere.

These greenhouse gasses actually need to have a balance in the atmosphere and the surface of the oceans, since the surface of the ocean actually absorbs around 25% of all CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

This absorption removes emissions from the atmosphere, but it increases acidity levels of the ocean waters and it creates a hostile living environment for all aquatic beings.

The higher the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the higher amount of gasses will be found in the oceans, to achieve a state of equilibrium.

Oceans Health,Trees Help The Oceans

Your support helps to restore and preserve vast forests, which in turn not only helps to ensure biodiversity, control soil erosion, reduce flooding and create clean air but also affects the health of our oceans by decreasing the acidity levels of the waters. 

It’s especially important given that tropical coral reefs are expected to decline by as much as 80% over the next 30-100 years due to ocean acidification.

Ardora Bilibani
Ardora Bilibani
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