Workiva Supports ForestNation at TEC Conference


Workiva is a company that is streamlining the way that businesses organize their data. Named the most innovative company of 2017, their platform has revamped the way that tens of thousands of people work online. But the company is not just concerned with the digital world. It turns out, they are committed to the environment as well!

Workiva takes sustainability seriously. They have been able to significantly reduce their company’s waste by promoting small changes, such as encouraging employees to use reusable mugs and plates rather than paper or plastic. They constantly opt for electronic documents to save trees. Other changes have been larger scale. For instance, trash from their office goes to a resource recovery plant, where their waste helps to generate electricity. In 2016, they generated 12,153 kWh of electricity with their trash.


Last week, Workiva hosted TEC, an annual conference that brings over 1,500 industry professionals together from companies like TMobile, PayPal, DreamWorks Studios, and more. Workiva took advantage of the opportunity to share their innovative product with other companies. At the same time, they gave away Tree Kits with their branding to remind their associates of the importance of environmental sustainability. What an incredible campaign to help boost corporate social responsibility in some of the most influential businesses! We at ForestNation are happy to see such innovative companies joining in the environmental movement.

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