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The youth are our future, plain and simple.  This is about a cool presentation, which will eventually create more clean air.

The Ontario Nipissing Early Years Center is a place for children six years old and under, and their parents and caregivers, to take part in amazing programs and activities together.  They have a wide variety of interesting topics, all of which help to educate youth.

We were lucky to get an opportunity to be one of those events, by giving our “Clean Air Workshop.”  I presented to this group of enthusiastic youth and their parents about Climate Change, the benefits of trees, and ForestNation.  They even got Clean Air Tree Kits!  The coolest part about this workshop, and why it will be memorable, is that this is the youngest group to grow Clean Air Trees!

A special thanks to the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority for sponsoring the kits for this workshop.  We will be keeping up with these young Clean Air Pioneers, and their trees, and can’t wait to see the bright new growth sprout!

Clean Air Workshop Pic

Clean Air Workshop Pic2

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