3,536 trees

Who: Leading manufacturers of sustainable furniture.

What: Tree kit cups.

How: Christmas gift to partners.

Why: Strengthening relationships with partners.

flokk team with their trees

Flokk gifted trees to their Distributors for Christmas. The team also got involved by planting trees with partners.

“We love trees because they give us so much back like oxygen and peace.

Our partners have accepted the idea well. It’s fun to see how everyone takes care of their little tree, watering it, caring for it and enjoying it. Everyone understands the message and thinks it is good if we get involved with trees together.

The trees grow. Many partners have also donated individually. The feedback is positive and the campaign connects us.

Many partners have uploaded photos of their trees – we are of course especially pleased about this! We as Flokk are proud that we were able to plant so many trees and that we can make a contribution to the environment.”

~ Judith H., Marketing Manager, Flokk