Landmark Group

10,076 trees

Who: Real estate company that cares about sustainability.

What: Compostable tree planting kits in special house-shaped packaging.

How: Tradeshow giveaway and showroom gift.

Why: Community engagement and lead generation.

Landmark Group of Builders used the Forest Nation Tree Kits as a trade show give away for attendees of the Home$aver event in Edmonton, Canada. The Home$aver Event is part of The City of Edmonton’s CO2RE program, a community-wide initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Edmonton. The Tree Kits were also used in their show rooms which demonstrates the Tree Kits are a versatile eco-friendly lead generation product.

“Landmark Group Of Builders is committed to revolutionizing the new home industry by crafting energy efficient sustainable homes. We hope to minimize and someday eliminate our impact on the environment so future generations enjoy the same natural beauty we have today.”

– Reza Nasseri ~ CEO, Landmark Group of Builders.