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4,960 trees

Who: A single-source branded merchandise agency, direct marketing firm, and commercial printer with a focus on brand identity solutions.

What: eGifts as holiday gifts to their clients through ForestNation

How: Collaborating with ForestNation as a Distributor partner and part of the Reciprocity Road Distributors group.

Why: To demonstrate commitment to giving back with promotional products and supporting reforestation efforts.

QRG Case Study

QRG’s Impact on Sustainability

Events and marketing campaigns often contribute to industries that emit a considerable amount of greenhouse gases. These emissions come from various activities such as energy consumption for equipment, production, transportation, and waste management, just to name a few. Recognizing this, QRG has devoted itself to sustainability, both in its business practices and in partnership with ForestNation.

QRG’s Sustainability Efforts

QRG is well aware of the environmental impact of the print, merchandise, and marketing industries. With a committed stance towards reducing their environmental footprint, QRG has become a Platinum member of the Green Business Bureau. Through detailed tracking of their sustainability initiatives and fulfilling green commitments each month, QRG not only talks about sustainability but also put it into action.

Internally, QRG employs various initiatives such as the use of digital presses, recycling, use of FSC® Certified sheets, agri-based inks, biodegradable chemicals, and online systems to reduce their carbon footprint. The company culture also supports remote meetings and carpooling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

QRG + Forest Nation

In addition to internal initiatives, QRG actively promotes reforestation efforts through a partnership with ForestNation. This partnership provides an opportunity for companies and individuals to contribute to their own and others’ digital forests to help plant new trees. This initiative aligns seamlessly with their services, providing an opportunity to use eGifts as holiday gifts to clients, thus promoting the planting of new trees. It also contributes to the planet because when they Gift A Story, We Plant.

QRG + Forest Nation: eGifts

As part of QRG’s commitment towards enhancing sustainability and promoting reforestation, the company leveraged the power of digital eGifts during the holiday season. In partnership with ForestNation, QRG sent out 295 eGifts to their clients. 

We’ve done digital Holiday cards the last few years and in 2022, were really focused on our projects that aligned with our sustainability initiatives. As we’ve also begun to develop a relationship with ForestNation, this made sense to explore.

Dana Schumacher and Alex Wolfer

The ForestNation eGift not only serves as a meaningful present, but it also engages recipients in QRG’s green initiatives. Recipients are able to view their gift online and visit QRG’s forest on the ForestNation platform.

Within a short period, 70% of the recipients had viewed their eGifts, highlighting the high engagement rate of this initiative. Furthermore, 21% of recipients visited QRG’s Forest on ForestNation, further noting the effectiveness of these eGifts in promoting QRG’s sustainability initiatives and enhancing its clients’ awareness and participation in these efforts. 

The use of ForestNation eGifts not only showcases QRG’s dedication towards a greener environment but also deepens their relationships with clients by involving them in these significant efforts. This strategy aligns with their goal of empowering brands while also ensuring that these actions are done in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Social Media Promotions

Social Media Promotions QRG and ForestNation

QRG actively promotes its sustainability initiatives on social media channels, particularly its partnership with ForestNation. With Earth Day coming up, QRG utilized the opportunity to remind its followers and clients about their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint, creating diverse teams, and sourcing responsibly to ultimately build a better tomorrow.

In their post, QRG highlighted the “Gift a Forest” program with ForestNation, a significant initiative contributing to global reforestation efforts. Not only does QRG actively participate in this program, but it also encourages its clients and followers to join in on the cause.

The social media post includes a link to QRG’s forest on the ForestNation platform, allowing viewers to see how many trees QRG has planted and how they can participate in the initiative. This access further enhances client engagement and promotes a sense of community around the shared goal of environmental sustainability. This is a clear example of how QRG leverages social media to spread its commitment to sustainability, introduce its initiatives, and encourage others to join in their efforts


QRG takes its commitment to the environment a step further by measuring the concrete results of its partnership with ForestNation. Through this collaboration, QRG has planted 2,020 trees and is responsible for a total of 4,960 trees. This has led to the absorption of 124 tons of CO2 yearly, creation of 496 tons of Oxygen yearly, 198 new work hours, and the reforestation of 4.96 hectares of land. See QRG’s impact here.

With this commitment to sustainability and constant efforts to make a greener world, QRG not only provides top-notch marketing services but also contributes significantly to a healthier environment.

Quality Resource Group (QRG)

“We want to continue to grow our sustainable initiatives”