Earth Day 2019 – How some of our Corporate Partners Gave Back to Mother Earth

On Earth Day 2019, Seager Co and Katalyst Technologies were successful with their campaigns to reforest Mother Earth with ForestNation. Here are the highlights:

Seager Co’s ForestNation

For Earth Day, Seager Co promised to plant a tree for every dollar spent on their website. The campaign well exceeded its goal of 1,000 trees, planting a total of 2,080 trees with our reforestation partners in the Usambara mountains of Tanzania.

Seager story on Instagram

Follow campaign updates here.

Katalyst Technologies’ ForestNation

Katalyst Technologies organized a planting hour on Earth Day, distributing tree kits among all employees. More than 250 trees are growing on their office desks now.

katalyst technologies csr

Read more about the campaign here.

Let’s hope that more companies emulate these campaigns and make every day Earth Day! #forestnation

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