Earth Day 2020: When is Earth Day Celebrated?

When is Earth Day 2020? Find out when Earth day is celebrated every year, learn why this date came to be and see how you can start giving back to Mother Earth.
when is earth day 2020

When is Earth Day?

Earth Day occurs on April 22 of every year. After the declaration of the Environmental Rights day in 1970, one of the major components of the day was to teach the population about the environment. As a result, the day was decided to be changed from January 28 to April 22. This was implemented because the week of April 22 fell between Spring Break and Final exams and allowed for more participation in the teach-ins throughout the nation.

When is Earth Day 2020?

Earth Day, on April 22, 2020, will be the 50th anniversary of the conception of Earth Day. Celebrations will include many activities including Citizen science, a focus on emerging technologies that help the environment. Advocacy and volunteering will continue to be a big part of the celebration. As well as education and artist for Earth, who will try to personalize that environmental challenges and help advocate to a wider audience.
when is earth day celebrated

The History of Earth Day

“The Arctic saw temperatures soar above 94 degrees” and “Climate Change: Pressure on Big Investors to act on the environment” are just some of the headlines that grace the morning newspapers in our daily lives. The environment is on the minds of every person nowadays. This is why Earth Day has grown into the biggest environmental movement today. But how did it all begin?
Earth Day was a byproduct of Santa Barabra’s massive oil spill in 1969. It is said the Wisconsin governor Gaylord Nelson, upon seeing the oil spill from his plane, decided to develop an environmental observance day. This environmental observance day was set for the anniversary of the oil spill on January 28, 1970. The name was set to Environmental Rights day, then changed to Earth Day, and was observed in around 2000 colleges as well as 10,000 primary and secondary schools throughout the United States.
The movement continued to grow. By 1990 the movement had spread to 141 countries with over 200 million people participating in the activities. These activities included recycling programs and marketing efforts. In 2000 an official campaign was started giving teachers, governments, and people “toolkits” to help combat different issues related to the environment.
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Give back to Mother Earth

Participating in Earth Day is something that all of us should do. Whether it be through advocating on your social media pages or stepping outside and helping the cleanup efforts. Earth Day is a simple movement that can make a big difference. One great way you can help out on Earth Day is by planting trees. Trees will help now and in the future to combat the effects of climate change.
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Pledge to Plant

Join us in giving back to  Mother Earth on her special day. Here’s how we’re encouraging everyone to grow their own tree:

  • You Plant We Plant – collect a SEED point to plant a Real Tree when you sign up to make your first pledge.
  • I Planted – prove it with photos on your pledge post. More SEED points for best pledges!
It’s really easy to make your pledge and plant a tree.
  1. Buy a tree seedling from your local garden centre, florist or nursery.
  2. Plant it in your garden, in a plant pot for your terrace or in a local park.
  3. Upload your pictures and videos of your tree planting to your pledge post.

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