* Trees, flowers, plants and herbs selected for your area.

Fundraising that’s 100% profit for Earth.

  1. Raise funds for your organisation encouraging your community to grow trees.
  2. Avoid wasteful and unhealthy traditional fundraising products.
  3. Start your fundraiser with zero upfront costs.
  4. We help you create and promote your fundraiser.

You plant We plant

We plant another tree in a developing country for each tree kit you sell.

Unique Fundraiser

ForestNation’s fundraiser is a healthy and socially responsible alternative to traditional fundraising products. It’s an easy fundraising solution that is beneficial for your local community and our environment.

When you sell ForestNation tree kits you will be encouraging your local community to grow their own trees. For each tree kit you sell we’ll also plant another tree in a developing country. “You plant one we plant one.”

Churches, scouts, girl guides and non-profits.

We’ll help you make your fundraiser a big success. You can start with zero upfront costs and we’ll provide free design and marketing services, a fundraiser web page and optional online payment processing. For School Fundraising click here.

ForestNation tree registry

Inside each tree kit is a unique code so people can register their trees online. We can show people where we’ve planted the other tree in a developing country and attach all the trees to your fundraiser’s web page.
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Start Fundraising

Easy Fundraising – ZERO upfront costs!

  1. Contact us and we’ll help you launch and promote your fundraiser.
  2. Sell the growing kits at any price you choose. Pre-orders or direct.
  3. We design your fundraising forms and marketing material.

Your fundraising campaign has a life of it’s own.

  1. People register their trees in ForestNation and share your fundraiser with their social networks.
  2. You could organise a local community tree planting event a few months from now and plant some of the trees you’ve grown.
  3. Update your campaign webpage with photos and stories.
  4. People will remember you and your fundraiser everyday they care for their trees.