Fundraising with 100% Profit for the Earth

Easy & Environmental Fundraising

Raise funds for your organization in a healthy, eco-friendly way. By selling herbs, flowers, and tree-planting kits, you’ll earn money for your organization while spreading an environmental message.

Nonprofits often use our plants as a promotional products at events, as well.

Salesforce Earthforce

Start a successful fundraiser that’s good for our world!

Get started with zero upfront costs, by pre-ordering or buying directly. We’ll provide free design and marketing services, a fundraiser web page, and optional online payment processing. You can sell the plants at any price you choose.

We work with nonprofits, churches, guides, scouts, and schools

A Process that Lasts

Unlike other fundraising products, plants are fundraising tool that grow with us. Every day someone cares for their plant, they’ll remember your fundraiser.

You can update your website with photos and stories, and even create a tree-planting event together. 


You Plant, We Plant

Inside every tree-planting kit is a unique code, which allows you to register your tree online.

We plant a tree for every plant you sell. Your online campaign page shows you where we plant on your behalf!

That means you’re not just helping your own community – your efforts help communities abroad, as well. 

Contact Us & Get Started!

We love hearing from new groups!

If you’re excited and want to get started right away – or if you just want some more information or to ask a question, let us know where to reach you and we’ll answer all your questions. 

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