After a student submits the fundraising form with collected preorders, the order information needs to be updated in the following Excel sheet which calculates the total order from your school.

Excel Calculation Sheets

Fundraising FAQs

What should I enter in T2, H3… Fields on the Fundraising form?

These are just short codes so it is easy to fill the form column ‘Seed Number’.

First, decide from here which seed species you want to grow with your community. Remember to choose species native to your area.

Here’s an example selection:

  • Trees – White Spruce, Crape Myrtle, Orchid
  • Herbs – Coriander, Mint, Oregano
  • Flowers – Snapdragron, Lavender, Foxglove

After doing this, just add them to the form like this:

  • T1 – White Spruce, T2 – Crape Myrtle, T3 – Orchid
  • H1 – Coriander, H2 – Mint, H3 – Oregano
  • F1 – Snapdragon, F2 – Lavender, F3 – Foxglove

You can add maximum 3 options each for Trees, Herbs, Flowers. So  a total of 9 options. But you don’t have to have the full 9 options always. It’s up to you if you want to plant just 1 tree species or give a few options to choose. So your selection can simply be for instance T1 – Crape Myrtle, F1 – Lavender.

Here’s what a filled up form looks like with the tree codes added to Seed number column.

What is the Design Letter I should enter?

Standard Cup and Standard Pouch only have single designs. All other themes have 5 design options named from A to E. These are the Design Letters you need to enter when taking orders.

For example, if someone likes the tree pouch design B, then add B to the Design Letter column.

Here’s an example form submitted with design letters.

What to fill in the bottom of the fundraising form?

  • Students name – the student collecting orders.
  • Checks to – Teacher or parent supervising her work.
  • Pricing – see example below
    • 1 kit at $7.50
    • 3 kits $6.50 each
    • 5 kits $5.50 each
    • 10 kits $5 each
  • Total – Calculate the total sale amount and enter here

What is Design Theme to fill in the order sheet?

Design Theme is simply the name of the Tree kit design. These are the 6 design themes you can choose from:

  • Standard Cup
  • Standard Pouch
  • FN Guardians
  • Season’s Greetings
  • Merry Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Kwanzaa

You can choose multiple design themes or a single theme.

How to fill the Excel Order Calculation Sheet?

You need to compile all orders into the single sheet like this – see example.

How to Place my Order?

  1. Calculate the total Tree kits to order
  2. Visit the ordering page
  3. Upload filled out Excel order sheet
  4. Select number of Tree kits and Add to Cart
  5. Proceed to checkout and make payment
  6. Make sure not to change shipping address from checkout page. If you want to change shipping address, please do that first from here.

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