Acting Green vs Buying Green

As global warming continues to accelerate, we need to both act green and buy green, if we want our individual behaviour to help save the planet.This infographic gives you an idea of small changes each of us can make that allow us to continue with our current consumption behaviour, compared to the reality of what we should be doing if we cannot, or do not make these simple changes.

What you’ll learn about eco-living:

With this infographic, you will learn about small ways in which you can change some household objects and appliances to allow you to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle!This direct comparison between slightly older technologies and newer, more efficient products is a good way to look at your daily routine and the small changes that make a big difference when done together.

Why we love this infographic!

We love this infographic because it shows us some changes all of us could make in our households, with products we use every single day!

Changing our habits to buying and living in a more sustainable way is not going to fix all climate-related problems by itself, but it will certainly help!

So, look at the infographic, answer the questions, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to eLocal for this infographic.Special thanks to Nilesh Majumdar for creating this quiz.Quiz cover photo via Pixabay.

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