Fires and Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

South America’s Amazon rainforest is one of the most important natural systems on Earth. According to the WWF, it makes up nearly one third of all tropical rainforests left on our planet, and is home to 10% of all wildlife species we know about, despite only covering about 1% of the Earth’s surface.Sadly, as you read this, it is burning and being destroyed quicker than ever before. This infographic helps us understand why this is happening, and who is responsible for large parts of this thoughtless destruction.

What you’ll learn about the Amazon forest fires and deforestation:

As individuals, consumers and citizens, it is easy to feel powerless about a problem as large as destruction of the Amazon.This infographic not only provides us with valuable information about the extent of the fires and destruction happening right now, but gives us information about who is responsible so we can change what we buy and who we buy from.

Why we love this infographic!

This infographic cuts straight to the point, detailing exactly how our actions and those of major corporations are fuelling forest fires and causing immense destruction.It shows us how some brands we may use on a daily basis and some consumption habits can lead to horrible outcomes that none of us would ever choose if we knew beforehand.Not only is it important to hold those responsible to account, but we can gain hope by realising our individual choices really do matter for the survival of this magnificent rainforest.

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to Shwetha Nair for this insightful infographic on Amazon Rainforest Fires!Special thanks to Nilesh Majumdar for creating this quiz!