Forest Facts

It’s time for some forest facts. This infographic is full of interesting facts about forests – a habitat we are passionate about here at ForestNation – so take a look at the infographic, read this information, and get ready to complete the quiz to earn points towards a SEED and your own little forest!

What you’ll learn about forests and why it matters:

You’ll learn some nice trivia facts about forests! This is an infographic made to surprise and amaze, and that’s exactly what it does!

Of course, this information represents more than fun facts. It really matters because it’s about one of the most crucial environments for Mother Earth’s survival – we need to take care of the forests, after all!

Why we love this infographic about forests!

This infographic presents this great series of facts in a vibrant way and ties them all together under one roof: forests. Appreciating and understanding our forests is really important in the fight to help our green planet. These facts can make us wonder and what better way is there to feel encouraged about protecting Mother Earth?

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Estate 123 Insight for creating this wonderful infographic on Forest Facts