Forests: Crucial for Fighting Climate Change

Man-made climate change and its effects are the biggest threat to our planet today. Unless we start accepting this reality and promoting practices and solutions that actively fight against this trend, the consequences could be disastrous.

Thankfully, we have the most amazing natural resource to help fight it: forests. So, read the infographic, take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED to plant a tree and help grow a forest!

What you’ll learn about forests in the fight against climate change:

Everybody knows trees are an environmental good, but perhaps you don’t know that protecting our forests is an important part of our fight against climate change.

After all, that’s why there are so many organizations created specifically to grow and protect the forests, just like us!

What is not so known is the amazing potential and influence forests could have in restoring balance to nature; and how much of a massive setback losing them could be. Thankfully, there are real solutions out there, we just have to put them into action!

Why we love this infographic about forests:

Every part of this infographic is made in an illustrative and clear way, making it easy to understand. In fact, it’s very hard not to feel shocked reading a graphic like this that show just how much deforestation there is yearly, and it is understandable to feel disheartened.

We like that the infographic also outlines some solutions we can put into practice in order to reverse some of these worrying trends, showing that hope is not lost!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Conservation International for making an amazing infographic that teaches us that Forests are crucial for fighting climate change.