Forests, Climate Change and Resilience

Forests and trees are classified as a renewable resource since they can grow again. This makes them super important in the fight against the effects of man-made climate change, and in creating a resilient planet for a sustainable future!

Now more than ever, forests across the world need our help to allow them to do the fantastic job they do in maintaining balance in nature. So, read the infographic, take in this information, then challenge yourself with the quiz and earn a point towards a SEED to help a forest grow where it is needed most!

What you’ll learn about how forests slow climate change:

Agriculture, modern industry and the way we use natural resources put us at odds with forests.

Making room for crops and livestock to feed our expanding cities and increasing demand for more convenient and efficient goods has endangered forests all over the world.However, is this change as irreversible as it seems? We don’t think so, there is always a way back.

Why we love this infographic about forests!

There is no doubt that we cannot simply get rid of all the economic sectors that are damaging our forests, but we must re-create them to be more sustainable and allow the ecological resilience to return to our forests.

We like this infographic because it highlights that both modern agriculture and trees can coexist in sustainable ways that have multiple benefits for farmers and cattle ranchers, as well as the forests that surround them. This is great news for our planet, now all we have to do is use these solutions!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to The World Bank for creating this infographic about how Forests Slow Climate Change and Increase Resilience.