How Climate Change Affects Your Health

Our health depends on a healthy environment. Without it, we’re going to have a lot of health problems. This infographic will show you how climate change influences our health. Complete the quiz, earn a SEED point to plant a tree, and help fight against climate change!

What you’ll learn about the health effects of climate change:

The concept of cause and effect rules in the world. In this particular case, climate change is the cause, and the effects are twofold: it creates disturbances in the ecosystem and inflicts harmful effects on humankind. It’s important to be aware of the potential health problems we can suffer if we do nothing against climate change.

Why we love this infographic about climate change!

When talking about topics like this one, it’s very important to make clear the correlation between the cause and the effect. This infographic does it perfectly, showing it with illustrations and ensuring the message won’t get lost amidst the nicely made graphics.

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to the American Public Health Association for creating this infographic about How Climate Change Affects Your Health.