London’s Scariest Recycling and Waste Facts

Of course a huge capital city like London produces large amounts of garbage, but when you dive into the numbers it’s actually pretty scary…

What you’ll learn about London’s waste problem:

While this infographic deals with London specifically, we probably all underestimate how much trash is produced by a single family throughout the year.

It does not take a lot of imagination to see that similar statistics could be found about many major cities across the world…it could be the same or worse where you are right now!

Why we love this infographic!

In order to fight back against over-consumption and the throw-away culture in many modern countries, it is first incredibly important to be aware of the scale of the problem.

This infographic does exactly that, and gives us real reference points to help us understand and reflect on how much trash we all produce each and every day.

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Junk Hunters for creating this infographic about London’s Biggest Recycling Facts & Stats.