Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Power Sector

We all use lots of energy in our day-to-day lives: from heating our homes, to kitchen appliances and charging our phones.

In fact, we use more energy globally with every passing year. What a lot of us don’t regularly think about is where this energy comes from, and what the side effects are.

What you’ll learn about carbon emissions and why it matters:

Man-made carbon emissions are directly linked to global warming and climate change.

This means it is more important than ever to find innovative, long-term solutions to reduce carbon emissions that come from the power sector.

While 25% of the world’s total energy supply now comes from renewable energy sources, we still have a long way to go if we are to get to the levels needed to stop our negative effect on the climate and build a more sustainable future.

Why we love this infographic!

While we are all aware of the little things we can be doing to reduce our carbon footprint – such as recycling, flying less and planting trees – it is equally as important to understand and upgrade the energy systems that power our world if we want the large-scale changes we desperately need.

This infographic introduces some of the options available in the power sector and lets us think about where we want our power to come from now and in the future.

So, read the infographic, play the quiz, and earn points to get a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to The Green Market Oracle for creating this infographic.