Plastic in the Ocean

It may be hard to imagine an ocean so full of plastic trash it’s a worldwide problem, but it’s happening. What can be done about it? Find out, play the quiz, and earn points towards a SEED!

Learn about ocean plastic pollution

There are all kinds of plastic in the ocean right now. A lot of organizations and non-profits are trying their best to clean the oceans, but there are certain actions you can take. The seas cover most of Earth, what we do with them can impact the entire planet.

Why we like this infographic

Sometimes reading the facts, as hard-hitting as they can be, is a necessary step when it’s about taking measures to solve an issue. This infographic does a good job presenting those facts but also presents a possible solution you can take. It’s time to take action!

Quiz Gratitude

Thanks to the Plastic Oceans for creating this infographic.