Plastics Breakdown

There is no doubt that we are becoming more aware of the deadly impact of personal plastic use. Plastic straw campaigns are one great example of this, but straws definitely not the only plastic polluting oceans across the world.Keep on reading to find out more about the effect of plastic waste on oceans across the world, take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED to fightback against pollution!

What you’ll learn and why it matters:

You’ll learn exactly what is polluting our oceans (and it’s not just straws!). Discovering these shocking plastic facts can be overwhelming, but there are so many ways for us to change our everyday behavior to better help our oceans and combat ocean plastic pollution!With better knowledge and proactive lifestyle changes, marine ecosystems and marine life may flourish again!

Why we love this infographic!

This infographic shows us that plastic pollution harms not only the ocean and Mother Earth, but us as well! While all may seem lost, it tells us that there’s still something we can all do to help our oceans–there’s still hope! Using less plastic in our everyday lives can help turn the tide around and promote a healthier world and a healthier you!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to One World One Ocean for this infographic about how plastics break down in the ocean.