Rainforest Facts

Rainforests represent some of the most biodiverse and spectacular ecosystems Mother Earth has to offer. They are incredibly important not only for the many different species and humans that inhabit them, but for people living everywhere else in the world too!Read this information and the infographic, take the quiz, and earn points towards a SEED to grow your own forest and help fight back against man-made climate change!

What you’ll learn about rainforests and why it matters:

You’ll learn all about why rainforests are so important, from the way they stabilise climates all over the world, to their role as Mother Earth’s most complex and rich habitats!There is no doubt that we should all know more about the true value of rainforests, and how the actions of some major companies and illegal loggers among others are suffocating our planet’s lungs by destroying rainforests across the world.

Why we love this infographic!

We love this infographic because it is incredibly colorful and full of great information that tells us all about rainforests across the world. Even better, it provides us with some simple steps we can all take to ensure rainforests are conserved and re-grown where necessary. We need to protect our rainforests not only for the vast array of creatures they house, but to ensure a secure climate future for all life on Earth…including us!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Oak Furniture UK for creating this infographic about Rainforest Facts!