Why Are Sea Turtles Endangered?

Sea turtle are some of Mother Earth’s most graceful and wise creatures, yet today they are also critically endangered due to human activity.

Learn why sea turtles are endangered and what we can do about it by reading the infographic, taking the quiz and earning points towards a SEED!

What you’ll learn about sea turtles and why it matters:

With the help of this great infographic, you’ll learn about the different species of sea turtles that grace our oceans.

These creatures have been a key part of our ecosystem for millions of years, but now face the risk of extinction.

Without sea turtles, the balance of marine habitats will be thrown off, so it is more important than ever to learn about the human behaviors that threaten sea turtles, and how you can do your part to protect them.

Why we love this infographic!

We all love sea turtles! You may read about them disappearing, but what steps can you take to really do something about it?

Playing this quiz will hopefully imprint the message onto your brain. With the knowledge you gain from this quiz, you’ll understand what behaviors harm sea turtles, and how to protect our ancient marine friends.

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to the World Wildlife Foundation, who made this colourful infographic with the intention to educate you on the daily threats that sea turtles encounter throughout their lives.

They used resources like Las Baulas National Park in Costa Rica and Research Center for Capture Fisheries in Indonesia to make some direct connections between human actions and the endangerment of sea turtles.